Silverwaves Jewelry with wavy lines beneath the text
Silverwaves Jewelry next to a pendant with a blue stone displayed on driftwood
Lissa Flemming working with a torch
Pendant with three charms - compass - basalt stone - lake superior outline
Square metal pendant with blue and brown turquoise stone
Silver ring with agate stone displayed on driftwood

Inspired by Lake Superior!

Silverwaves is a design studio, gallery, and so much more! Check out this video to see the fabulous public art installation we created outside the gallery. Stop by to relax, contemplate the beauty of our area, and of course, shop!

Using materials from the natural world, Silverwaves Jewelry owner and metal artist Lissa Flemming, creates jewelry that reflects the spirit of the places and people she has met on her journeys across the globe.

Using native stones like Lake Superior basalt and agates set in sterling silver, each piece is a personal reflection of a moment in time. Lissa’s spirit is a part of each item, and she believes every piece finds its rightful owner.

Learn more about Lissa and the Silverwaves story through her recent interview on Almanac North, produced by PBS North.

Lissa Flemming at vendor booth and Jeff Rennicke on his boat with a camera

Jewels on the Water: Two Artists Share the Inspiration of the Islands

The Apostle Islands have long inspired artists, from songwriters to painters, potters, and poets. Recently, two local artists – photographer Jeff Rennicke and silversmith Lissa Flemming – combined their talents in a unique tribute to the inspiration they find among these islands.

Governor Tony Evers Visits the Gallery!

Thank you Governor Tony Evers for all your amazing support of Wisconsin Small Business with grants, PPP’s and visits. What a day!

Gov. Evers drove to Bayfield to see the some of the fruits of Wisconsin’s Main Street Bounce Back grants, touring Silverwaves Jewelry gallery & teaching space, Honest Dog Books, BLU studio + wellness & Penny Print.

What a great visit with you, your entourage and my amazing crew of the moment! (Sara Adams, Edith Krueger, Jennifer Maziasz)

I love this new creative energy blowing into Bayfield!

Governor Tony Evers and the SWJ crew.

Governor Tony Evers and the SWJ crew.

Our customers are saying...

Small basalt pebbles in a line
Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

They are even more gorgeous than they were in the pictures! I love them soooo much!! I love all the little touches so much! I like how the larger links move around as I do. You did such a great job, I can't even believe it!


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

I believe the pieces you brought over last night suit my wife particularly well, and pleased her very much. That means a lot to me. The list of designers whose work she will wear is very short, and as of now, you are the star. I rarely find pieces she’s willing to let me buy for her.


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

It's lovely...and so much more than what you described. My friend will love it!


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

I am so excited to wear the ring! You have quite the reputation for beautiful pieces! I wear my Spectrolite pendant frequently and hear the compliments like, “That’s from that lady’s shop in Bayfield!” I find myself picking out clothes so I can wear it more often!! Thank God we wear royal blue scrubs because I wear it everyday to work!!!


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

Now I have Lake Superior with me wherever I go!


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

Staff is awesome! Of course, the jewelry never disappoints. Great vibe in the beautiful new space!


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

Every time I've gone in, I have had a fantastic experience. The products are lovely and the staff are friendly. Definitely a place I rec. to friends and family.


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

Your shop is one of my main stops every time I’m in Bayfield. I love your work and love the happy vibe of your shop. Every time I’m in there, it seems filled with joy and laughter.


Gray circle with white wave lines through the center

I am absolutely thrilled with the pendant art. The Lake Superior pendant is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. It captures the spirit of the lake, and I will be thrilled to wear this for decades to come.

For years I have searched all around the lake for such a magnificent pendant and never found what I desired. Now, I have what I have sought for so long and have you to thank for what you’ve designed and bringing my search to a fully successful conclusion.



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Let’s Get Started

Custom Designs

If you are interested in working with me on a custom piece, please contact me. We can set-up a time to discuss your one-of-a-kind, custom project. Design consultation appointments can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.

Feel free to bring stones, metal, old jewelry, simple or elaborate drawings, and your ideas. Also, think about your metal and stone preferences, budget, and size of the piece. I am currently working with sterling silver, yellow gold, and copper.

Small basalt pebbles stacked