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Jewelry Workshop: Lake Superior Agate – From Cabbing to Setting

October 14, 2023 @ 10:00 am - October 15, 2023 @ 4:00 pm

Finished Necklace Setting
Jewelry Workshop: Lake Superior Agate – From Cabbing to Setting

Cost: $410.00

Itemized: Lapidary $160.00 + Metalsmithing $250

Have you ever wanted to do learn how a rough Lake Superior Agate makes it from slab to jewelry?? Well this is the workshop for you!!! In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the lapidary basics to create a cabochon at Duluth MakerSpace in Duluth, MN. On day 2, you'll learn how to set the cabochon you just made in a bezel setting class using sterling silver at Silverwaves Jewelry's Workshop 46.8N. No experience is necessary. All levels of jewelry makers are welcome. All tools, instruction, and materials are included in the cost of workshop.

See the tabs below to learn more about this workshop.

Day 1 (10am-4pm) in Duluth, MN: Cut, polish and shape a round or oval Lake Superior Agate cabochon with Abby and Amanda. A waterproof apron will be available at DMS for this lapidary class.

Day 2 (9am-4pm) in Bayfield, WI: In your material bag, you will receive a 1.25 x 1.25” piece of 22 ga sheet metal which will become the back of your pendant. We’ll use fine silver bezel wire, solder, tools, the cab you created on Day 1 and creativity to create your own bit of Lake Superior to wear home! Lissa will lead you in the Day 2 adventure.

Bring your own hand tools if you desire.

NOTE: The Cabochon class will be modified for this project in order to maximize time. Participants will not get Lapidary Certification at Duluth Makerspace (DMS).

If you would like to become certified to use DMS for lapidary, you will still need to take the DMS New Member Orientation and Lapidary 101 (focuses on all machine use and safety). We won’t be using the saws for this project since all the agates will be pre-formed.

You may purchase extra agate slices to cab during the Duluth portion of the workshop. Cost varies depending on size: $10-25 is a good estimate. There will also be finished cabs available for purchase.

Abby Schaefer - Instructor  Amanda Penley - Instructor

Abby Schaefer              Amanda Penley

It is a pleasure to introduce myself and my lapidary art. My name is Abby Schaefer, of Northern Raven Studio in Duluth, MN. I am currently a co-manager of the lapidary studio at Duluth Makerspace (DMS) with my friend and fellow lapidary artist, Amanda Penley,of Inland Sea Agates & Lapidary Arts.

Amanda and I both have a passion for the rocks and minerals of the Lake Superior region, particularly Lake Superior Agates (LSA’s). We both began our lapidary journeys separately in classes at DMS and connected later over our passion for LSA’s, we have been refining our skills ever since, with a focus on cutting freeform cabochons, designed and cut without calibration or templates. As lapidary artists we seek to spark joy and creative inspiration for jewelry artists and customers; to expand common knowledge and draw attention to this art form; and to spur dialogue about ethical sourcing, artistic process and value.

Cutting cabochons for jewelry artists, custom cutting for customers who have their own raw material and referring them to a jewelry artist who does custom work, face polishing agates for collection display purposes and teaching lapidary classes at DMS are some of the varied aspects of our lapidary businesses.

We have both taken silversmithing classes with Sarah Flicek of Felixery in Delano, MN, to help us learn more about the nuances of cabochon design as it correlates to setting stones.

Our friend and lapidary mentor, Bob Wright, has a great sticker he designed: “I am not lost, I am agate pickin.” This is how we spend much of our time outdoors from spring through fall, sourcing our agates for our lapidary work and personal collections. Follow our artistic journeys on Instagram @northernravenstudio and @inlandsea_agatesandlapidary and on Facebook @northernravenstudio and @AmandaKay .

With gratitude,


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Instructor - Lissa Flemming in the workshop

Lissa Flemming, owner of Silverwaves Jewelry and Workshop 46.8°N, is an art jewelry maker, torch slinger and anvil striker. She LOVES to share her jewelry knowledge and inspire creativity in a safe and inspiring atmosphere.

Even if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, Lissa will teach, challenge and empower you to find that creativity and make something glorious using the skills she shares during the workshop.

Lissa started her teaching career tutoring Biology during college and later continued coaching kayaking classes and later educating about the natural history of whales and ocean biology during mulit-day kayaking and whale watching adventure trips in Baja’s Gulf of California.

Now she splits time between creating jewelry for her gallery (Silverwaves Jewelry) and teaching at her dedicated jewelry studio (Workshop 46.8°N). She’d love you to join her as she assists you in opening your eyes, hands, and souls to the wonders of jewelry and metal.

– Butane torch safety and use in jewelry applications.

– Use of hand tools and rotary tool (flex shaft).

– Use of hammers and metal stamps to texture metal.

– Soldering safety and fun.

– Use of sandpaper, liver of sulfur, and metal files for finish work.

– Create wrapped loops to hang beads if you so desire.

– Create bezel for round cabochons.

Please wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty and wet and comfortable close toed shoes at the Duluth Makerspace. And bring head band, clip or holder to keep your hair back when using lapidary tools.

Some other thoughts:

– Enthusiasm and patience (remember you will be learning a billion new and fun skills for the first time—enjoy the moment and BREATHE)

– 100% cotton apron (I will also have some to borrow)

– Close-toed studio shoes to wear during workshop. Studio space is very slippery with wet shoes so we recommend leaving those at the door.

– Reading glasses or magnifiers

– Headband, clip or holder to keep your hair back when soldering

– Your own hand tools, drilling station, soldering station, etc if you wish (a lot of people prefer to use their own; I know I do!)

– Notebook and pen/pencil to jot down important ideas, thoughts, etc.

Day 1 (10-4 pm) @ Duluth MakerSpace – 3001 West Superior Street Duluth, MN.

Day 2 (9-4pm) @ Workshop 46.8 N – 40 S 2nd St. #105, Bayfield, WI.

DAY 1: In Duluth, there will be an hour break for lunch. The Lincoln Park Craft District has many excellent food options or you may bring your own lunch.

DAY 2: In Bayfield, many places are closed on Sundays after Applefest. We suggest bringing your own lunch.

Click the link below for some ideas on where to stay during your visit to Bayfield.

Lodging Ideas

CLOSEST AIRPORTS: Duluth, MN (2 hour drive); Minneapolis, MN (4.5 hour drive)

Silverwaves Jewelry Makers Mark

Cancellation Policy:


25% of fee is considered non-refundable in cases of withdrawal for all students up to 60 days before the workshop. In other words, think carefully before reserving your spot!


Course fee is non-refundable within 45 days of the workshop unless we are able to fill the student’s spot, in which case the 25% fee still applies.


If we cancel a workshop, then 100% of your fee will be reimbursed.


Extra events planned within workshop are nonrefundable.


By signing-up and paying for a workshop, we assume you agree to the cancellation policy listed above.


If you have a question about this workshop, please contact us:


Call the gallery:
(715) 913-0256

Lissa's Mobile:
(414) 550-7015


October 14, 2023 @ 10:00 am
October 15, 2023 @ 4:00 pm