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Join us to commemorate birthdays, friendships, partnerships, family bonds, significant milestones, trips, and so many other meaningful events and adventures. You choose the chain and connector, and we’ll attach it to your wrist or ankle.

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MI State Gemstone

The “official state gem” of Michigan. It is a variety of the mineral pumpellyite with a turtleback pattern and occurs as amygdaloid structures and fracture fillings in basalt.

When water and wave action wear away the basalt, greenstone beach pebbles and granules remain in loose sediments.

Although it is a rare mineral, it is found in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Isle Royal in the northern part of Lake Superior.

Properties: Enhances harmony and cooperation in relationships as well as personal healing.

Greenstone pendant next to raw Greenstone

Pendant created using Greenstone.


Rare Gemstone

A rare gemstone found on the north shore of Lake Superior.

It is a zeolite that forms eye shaped patterns due to its radiating formation and is composed of hydrous silicate with aluminum, sodium and calcium.

It is commonly found as pink and white pebbles seldom larger than an inch in diameter in a basalt matrix.

Less common are the greens and sometimes purple or blues. Properties: Aids clarity of thought.

Thomsonite pendant next to raw Thomsonite

Pendant created using Thomsonite.


Extremely Rare

Named after the original locality, the Mohawk Mine, Mohawkite is extremely rare and occurs only in the Mohawk-Ahmeek area of Keweenaw County, Michigan.

With a harness between 3 & 3.5, Mohawkite is mainly a copper-arsenic compound containing cobalt, silver, nickel and iron.

Properties: The combined energies of the minerals which compose Mohawkite bring stability, balance and openness to ones being.

Mohawkite pendant next to raw Mohawkite

Pendant created using Mohawkite.

Lake Superior Agate


Agates are a gemstone with a hardness of 7; harder than Basalt or Rhyolite.

Beautiful banding, varied patterns, and eye-catching colors unique to each agate are created by quartz with small amounts of different elements. Red bands are the result of the rusting of iron within the agate when exposed to oxygen.

These gemstones can be found on many Lake Superior beaches throughout the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Properties: Good for security, strength, to raise energy and to enhance personal courage and calming.

Lake Superior Agate pendant next to raw Lake Superior Agate

Pendant created using Lake Superior Agate.