Arsenic and Old Lace Mohawkite Earrings 076


1.7 x 3.8 including bail

Hangs on Sterling Silver Ear Wires

Handmade in Bayfield, WI

1 in stock

1 in stock

Can you picture the ages old mirror that hangs in the back of a long deserted opera house? That image will take you right to these stunning Mohawkite and textured sterling earrings. The very rare Mohawkite pieces are beautifully set in hand textured frames. The setting has an open back so the Mohawkite can be seen from all sides. A small silver addition, with three gold dots, on the shortest vertical side of each piece, reminds us of a small fitting on that antique mirror. As you reminisce about watching the production of Arsenic and Old Lace... never fear, this piece is not toxic.

Named after the original locality, the Mohawk Mine, Mohawkite is extremely rare and occurs only in the Mohawk-Ahmeek area of Keweenaw County, Michigan. A copper - arsenic compound that is a unique mixture of copper, cobalt, nickel, silver and iron, making it a copper ore. Mohawkite that contains quartz is great for making unique one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Properties: The combined energies of the minerals which compose Mohawkite bring stability, balance and openness to one's being.


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