Compass on Basalt Pendant


Compass charm: 1 cm diameter.  Basalt: 2 cm wide X 3.2 high.

Comes on 18″ rolo chain.

Basalt stones vary in size, color and shape, because… the earth.

Handmade in Bayfield, WI

5 in stock

5 in stock

A lovely piece of basalt, a piece of earth's bedrock really, with a little compass bling to remind you to find your way home, always.


Basalt is one of the most common rocks found on the shoreline of Lake Superior. It is one of the rocks that makes up the bedrock of the earth's crust! Basalt, simplified, is lava that cooled very quickly on the surface forming very small crystals because of the quick cooling. Basalt ranges from black to bluish-black. The glaciers of the last receding ice age ground down this lava stone breaking it apart in to millions of pieces, only to be polished off by the biggest rock polisher inland, Lake Superior.


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