(SOLD) Datolite Pronged Pendant 057


2.2 cm x 3.5 cm including bail

Hangs from 18″ sterling silver rolo chain

Handmade in Bayfield, WI

Out of stock

Out of stock

This unusual Datolite pendant has beautiful veins and a soft buff color. It is set in oxidized sterling silver with a textured back piece and two smooth prongs. The stone reminds one of a weather-worn piece of bone or antler that you might find on the forest floor. It is a piece you could wear with anything for any occasion.

Lake Superior Datolite

Datolite is found in the copper deposits of Lake Superior. Unlike most places it might be found the Datolite in the Lake Superior area is usually fine grained in texture and has some color banding. The coloration is due to the inclusion of copper or other minerals in progressive stages of hydrothermal precipitation.


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