Lake Superior Greenstone Shimmer on the Lake Pendant 050


2cm diameter

Hangs from a sterling silver 18″ chain.

Hand made in Bayfield, WI

1 in stock

1 in stock

A circle inside a circle. This pendant features a textured back piece that gives the feeling of sunlight shimmering on the clear water of Lake Superior. A bezel set 13mm Greenstone sits on the lower half of the circle.


Chlorastrolite is a special variety of the mineral pumpellyite. Like agate, chlorastrolite formed when mineralizing fluids filled gas cavities in basaltic lava flows. It is found on Isle Royale and in some Keweenaw Peninsula copper mines. Chlorastrolite, or “green star stone,” has a silky green, radiating pattern that makes it a special gift from Lake Superior.

Properties: Enhances harmony and cooperation in relationships as well as personal healing.


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